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501c3 photography

increase exposure for your organization and its animals with powerful photographs that show the community who you are and why they should adopt from you!

a note from your photographer

i am an animal advocate first, photographer second. i spent years working hands-on in the animal welfare industry prior to becoming a pet photographer, and i'm excited to offer your organization this unique combination of skills. 

handling approach: R+ . fear free shelter certified

fear free shelter certified.png


photography details

· domestic, farm + exotic animals
· all behavior needs welcome
· all medical needs welcome
· neonate to senior
· team action shots
· team headshots
· on site + in foster
· interior + exterior of facility
· merchandise + retail
· event 


64% of adopters stated online photos were extremely important in their decision to adopt

dog for adoption.jpg

Meet Lemony,  a fearful pup in search of her forever home. Due to her extreme shyness and high level of fear, her rescue really needed to cast a wide net in order to find the right adoptive home. Photos were the ticket to increasing her exposure. Using a fear-free handling approach and inviting her confident foster sister to join us helped calm Lemony's nerves during her photoshoot and allowed her to even have some fun in front of the camera! Lemony was adopted shortly after this photoshoot. 

foster dog photography.jpg
foster kitten photography.jpg
kitten portrait.jpg

Meet Enzo and Jasmine, two neonate kittens photographed during their stay in foster. Clear crisp photos that allow potential adopters (and shelter staff) to differentiate between littermates - especially when it's a litter of black cats - goes a long way in establishing individuality and reducing adoption confusion!

smiling pitbull.jpg

Say hello to Hennessy. Prior to her photoshoot, this high energy gal had only blurry photos displayed across her online adoption profile. The mission of our photoshoot together was to capture images that allowed potential adopters to see her amazing personality clear as day, so they could fall in love with her sweet nature. I don't know about you, but every time I look at this photo I fall in love with Hennessy all over again!

dog in cone.jpg
vet tech.jpg

This sweet boy required extensive medical attention, which required his rescue group to turn to the public for donations to assist in covering his medical fees. Providing behind-the-scenes images of the actual recipient of requested donations allows donors to really connect with the mission. It's no longer just a hypothetical animal in need of help; it's Sage, the tan pitbull staring back at them with hope in his green eyes. Give your donors the opportunity to connect with the individual whose life their donation will save.

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