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Take a look at a few behind the scenes photos from a recent portrait session (of farm pets!) + a glimpse at the final photos!

After working in the pet care industry for almost a decade, I believe in my heart every pet - every animal for that matter - has a unique soul, and I am here to capture your pet's.

To put it simply, my goal when photographing pets is to capture their most authentic self.  So my style is to get up close and personal, to really highlight all of their unique traits - the toothy grins, the expressive eyebrows, the silly tongues - that make them, them.

It is my greatest joy to capture everything you love about your pet through my camera,
wrap it up in a photograph and hand it to you, the person who will enjoy it most.

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a glimpse into my work

black lab portrait.jpg
dog head tilt.jpg
dog nose.jpg
brindle and twine pet photography.jpg

what   to  expect

Never done a pet photography session before? Not worry, I'll walk you through it! 

Let me start by saying, if you're thinking to yourself...

"my dog won't sit still like that" 
"my pet is too nervous around new people"
"my barn/backyard/house isn't pretty enough to be in the background"
"my dog can't be off leash so there's no way they could do a photoshoot"
"I don't have a dog, and I doubt she would photography my *insert other species of pet here*"
"my dog is reactive and would not do well in public photoshoot locations" 

forget it!
I totally get it...but seriously, forget it!

I am trained in animal behavior and positive reinforcement-based animal handling techniques. I spent years working hands on in the animal care world - in settings from animal shelters to veterinary hospitals - and I am confident that together, your pet and I can work together to snap beautiful photos you will love - in ways your pet is comfortable with! 

I meet each pet where they are at emotionally and behaviorally, and respect any and all behavioral limitations they may have.  If they are not safe off leash, we will photograph them on leash! Thanks to photo editing software, you'll never know the leash was there! If your pet is fearful of new people, I will use my training in shy animal handling to earn their trust prior to even taking out my camera. Finding out your pet's favorite treat is part of my session prep! Super excitable, active pet? No problem! I will identify their high-value motivator and use it to keep their attention.
Trust me, I (and your pet!) got this!

Now in regards to location - any place makes a beautiful backdrop. Seriously! Most of the portraits you see on this page were taken in my clients' backyards. And this is actually where I prefer to shoot pet portraits. Why? Because this is where pets are most comfortable! While it may seem ideal to head to some new, unique location for a photoshoot - this isn't true for pet photography. Shooting in a location that is new to pets often causes stress, hyper-vigilance and over stimulation for the pet, which prevents their true personality from shining through in the photographs. However in their own backyard, they're comfortable enough to be their carefree selves! So if your pet doesn't do great out in public, or in new settings, I'm the photographer that gets it, and will make your backyard feel like a luxury photoshoot destination location.

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the digital age


in these modern times, often  having digital photos to post, send and share is the priority for my clients. i get it! so this session emphasizes the digital vibe!

what is included:

up to 1.5 hrs of shooting

(dependent on your pet's bandwidth)

complete digital album

(typically between 15 - 25 photos)

*option to add prints in various sizes at their individual prices*

the print party


best of both worlds!
with this option you get a little more shoot time, digital files and beautiful high-quality prints! best perk, you won't have to deal with the hassle of printing!

what is included:

up to 2 hrs of shooting

(dependent on your pet's bandwidth)

10 digital prints

(*option to purchase more at individual prices*)

print bundle 

Three 4" by 6" prints

Two 5" by 7" prints

Two 8" by 12" prints

*option to add additional prints and sizes at their individual prices*

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