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Meet Your Photographer

carly doyle
owner. photographer . animal advocate
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"when i am behind the camera, comfort of your animal comes first, photographs come second, which ironically lends to the absolute best portraits - still frames of calm, stress-free animals loving life in front of my lens"

- carly doyle

founder + owner

hey there, i'm carly - founder and owner of brindle and twine creatives. i'm psyched you're here, and i'd like to just thank you for considering me for your photography needs! it would be my honor to get behind my lens and collaborate with you.


curious to learn more about me and my business? read on!


brindle & twine creatives was ultimately born from my previous career in animal welfare. i worked for many years on the front lines of animal sheltering and veterinary medicine, and throughout my time in the field, i noticed that too often the incredible life-saving work of the industry went undocumented. after all, it's nearly impossible to find the time to snap photos when your sole focus needs to be caring for the animal in front of you. 


having always loved being behind the camera, overtime it naturally became my mission to use the power of photography to help members of the pet care industry show their community the life-changing work happening within their organizations. through photography we are able to increase exposure for your pet business, ultimately leading to more pets reached and more community support received.

alongside our work with pet businesses, comes
our work with pet parents; connecting families with portraits of the furry loved ones in their lives is a component of brindle & twine creatives that brings such joy! through my time in animal welfare i came to understand that every animal is an individual, and capturing this individuality for the people who know and love it the most - their humans -is priceless!

outside our scope of work within the world of pets, comes an equally important facet of brindle & twine creatives - our collaboration with small business who have a story to tell. as a small business ourselves, we are so inspired by entrepreneurs, who have created a brand and are providing the public with a quality service or product! we just couldn't resist expanding our photography services to help all kinds of members of the small business community showcase all that they have to offer. if you're a small business in the new england area, we are ready and waiting to capture the heart of your brand and business!

let's work together
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